Dominican Republic President: World Better Because of UN

Luis Abinader - Wikipedia

The world in 2020 is clearly different from that in 1945 – when the UN was established – and it is also better, thanks to the global Organization and its work, the President of the Dominican Republic has said, underlining the continued need for international, multilateral cooperation.

Addressing the General Assembly via a pre-recorded video message due to the coronavirus pandemic, President Luis Abinader Corona, enumerated the contributions of the UN, from the historic Universal Declaration of Human Rights, key institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO) or the World Bank, to peacekeeping mission on the ground, preventing much suffering.

However, while it is better, the world in 2020 is “far from perfect”, said the President.

“New challenges and threats bring global problems whose scale requires joint solutions that can only be solved through loyal cooperation among the 193 [Member States] represented in this General Assembly.”

International cooperation and multilateralism, which were valuable tools 75 years ago, are now “essential and it is imperative” and everyone has do their part, underscored President Corona.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change threatening to usher in a range of new conflicts, collaboration and a more equitable system must prevail, he added.

Impact of COVID-19 on Dominican Republic
The leader of the Dominican Republic told the General Assembly that the pandemic hit his country particularly because of its precarious social protection system, which lags behind in the region.

To address the situation, investing in health and education are crucial, the President said, informing world leaders that his Government is launching an ambitious public health programme and plans to promote quality education by providing students and teachers with electronic devices.

Alongside this, Dominican Republic is also supporting its youth as a priority, he added.

Link between peace, security and development
President Corona also highlighted the link between peace. security and development, and that achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires developed countries to commit to “accelerated implementation”.

With developing countries falling behind and middle-income nations like the Dominican Republic facing challenges due to institutional weaknesses, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development should be modified to ensure it responds to the problems facing each country, he added.

Dominican Republic, on its part, “will spare no effort” to implement the 2030 Agenda, the President affirmed, noting its synergies with the country’s national development strategy.

On climate change, leader of the Dominican Republic urged the UN Security Council to study interactions between climate crisis and security, because a natural phenomenon can “cause or aggravate” any conflict, especially in highly fragile areas.

Believe in the beauty of your dreams
Concluding his address, President Corona told world leaders that, as he understands, the United Nations “is not concerned with diplomacy, but with the future.”

Wrapping up, he quoted Eleanor Roosevelt, recalling her words on the day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

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