House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, Addresses Continuing Resolution

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released this statement on the introduction of the Continuing Resolution legislation to keep government open until December 11:

“The Continuing Resolution introduced today will avert a catastrophic shutdown in the middle of the ongoing pandemic, wildfires and hurricanes, and keep government open until December 11, when we plan to have bipartisan legislation to fund the government for this fiscal year.

“As part of the CR, Democrats are proud to include provisions that save America’s seniors from an up to $50 per month Part B premium hike. The CR also includes a one year surface transportation authorization extension, preventing disruption to America’s communities.

“We continue to believe that the Congress should complete its work by passing full appropriations bills by December, which the House has already done.

“We must continue to work to reach agreement on a coronavirus relief package that meets the health and economic needs of the American people.”

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