Here Are a Few Fun Freebies for Kids

  1. Free Madera Outdoor Camper Sticker– Complete the form to get a fun free Madera Camper sticker
  2. Free Your Vote is Your Power Sticker – Complete the form for your free sticker.
  3. Free Bee a Scientist Coloring Book – Request your free science inspired coloring book.
  4. Free Letter from Disney Character- Did you know that your kids can write their favorite Disney character and they will get a letter back? Write Walt Disney Company, Attn: Fan Mail Department, 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521
  5. Lego Club Magazine Subscription– 3-month subscription to the Lego Club magazine.
  6. MagnifiKid Publication Issue– from MagnifiKid- The free issue features activities, coloring pages, games, prayers and readings, for kids learning about the Christian life.
  7. Free Braille Books (and other materials) – If the child in your life is sight impaired, this service offers free braille books and other services.
  8. Sesame Street Fire Safety Color and Learn– Kids will receive this coloring and activity book. Just add to the shopping cart and checkout.
  9. TNT Firework Club Package– Kids will receive a TNT poster, TNT sticker and lots of other cool things from TNT.
  10. Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals Magazine– This cool magazine from PETA-People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals- which contains puzzles, quizzes and even stickers.

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