U.S. Navy Training Air Wing 6 Welcomes New Commanding Officer

CAPT Jason L. Chuderewicz

Capt. Jason Chuderewicz took command of Training Air Wing 6 onboard Naval Air Station Pensacola, September 17.

Capt. Scott Janik relinquished command after serving as commodore of the Navy and Marine Corps’ only undergraduate naval flight officer (NFO) training air wing.

Training Air Wing 6 reports to Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA) Rear Adm. Robert D. Westendorff who oversees all pilot, naval flight officer, and naval aircrewman training.

“Capt. Janik did a phenomenal job leading the charge in NFO training and development,” Westendorff said. “TRAWING 6’s mission is absolutely critical to the readiness and lethality of our Naval Aviation team in the fleet. I know Capt. Chuderewicz will continue on the same trajectory and I welcome him to the team.”

Janik, a native of Corvallis, Oregon, oversaw three training squadrons: the “Wildcats” of Training Squadron (VT) 10, the “Sabrehawks” of VT-86, and the “Warbucks” of VT-4. Each squadron provides training to develop new NFOs for the Navy, Marine Corps, and select international military partners. All NFOs go through Primary flight training with VT-10 where they learn to fly the T-6A Texan II. They progress to either VT-86 flying backseat in the T-45C Goshawk in the Strike NFO pipeline or to VT-4 for Maritime aviation pipeline. VT-4 is unique as it is CNATRA’s only squadron with no aircraft. All training is conducted via state-of-the-art multi-crew simulators.

“There is nothing that, as an NFO, I could have appreciated more than to serve the Navy as the commodore of TW-6,” Janik said. “It was an honor to work with all the professionals in CNATRA and in TW-6 with the single goal of producing NFOs for the fleet. A special thank you to my JO IPs and INFOs for keeping the bar high and making my job fun. TW-6 is in good hands with Capt. Chuderewicz taking over. Thanks to everyone for such an enjoyable tour! Mongo out.”

Under Janik’s leadership, TRAWING 6 completed more than 46,000 flight hours and 69,000 simulator hours that delivered in 558 winged NFOs to the fleet to support the Navy and Marine Corps’ strategic objectives. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday also recognized VT-86 as one of six CNATRA squadrons to receive a CNO Aviation Safety Award for 2019.

Janik directed and coordinated the efforts of more than 800 officers, enlisted, civilian, and contract personnel. Westendorff awarded Janik the Legion of Merit for superior performance during his tour. He will transfer to Navy and Marine Corps Aviation Safety School on base as the director.

Chuderewicz is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and reported to TRAWING 6 from Commander, Carrier Strike Group 4.

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