The Emma Zen Foundation Looks to Save Pets Using Air Masks

What is more special than a family pet?

What would you do to save them in the event of a fire?

The Emma Zen Foundation helps deploy oxygen masks specifically designed for pets.

They are a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization raising funds through public donations and grants for Pet Oxygen Masks. They then donate them straight to your local Fire Departments or departments that are already on our waiting list. These masks are used to deliver oxygen to pets that suffer from smoke asphyxiation and other breathing issue due emergencies such as home fires.

Maybe you’ve never thought about it before but without the proper equipment all they can do to deliver oxygen is to lay a human mask at by the snout of a pet, for many years this has been known as “blow by air”. Their equipment is a much more efficient and effective way to resuscitate your pet!

Located in Anaheim, California this organization has donated more than 3,500 kits throughout the United States. Our first goal is to put one kit on every front line engine in California. Our second goal is to help you become TEAM O2 Member teaching you how to establish kits in your home town! We have established Pet Oxygen Mask Kits state throughout the United States and under special circumstances have established them in other countries.

They care about “standardization” not donation. This means they donate enough kits to any one unit to make sure they have the same equipment on all their vehicles. This is sometimes a long process. They use their time to make sure the department is covered, weather that is one house or 100, they’ve dealt with both. Our organization has had a positive impact on the number of pet lives saved. With each donation of this equipment we change the number of successful resuscitation attempts!

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