Samantha Rodriguez & The Clubhouse Cafe

Samantha Rodriguez knows that a great burger or a quick snack is a way to warm hearts.

The Clubhouse Cafe generalist loves helping fellow Clubhouse members learn how to run a cash register, serve a customer and cook a great treat made to order.

She leads her fellow members in a work order day running the Clubhouse Cafe, and enjoys interacting with members and staff.

She said they work on customer service, stocking and presentation, creating coffees and smoothies with fresh fruits, and a grill area. They also make many of the sweet treats that they sell.

The Clubhouse Cafe recently went through an upgrade with the addition of a small kitchen area, complete with a hot plate and griddle. These were added during the COVID-19 shutdown.

She said that her experience working at a cafe and other places helped her with many of the ideas she wanted to incorporate in the Clubhouse Cafe.

She said that the new cash register is touch screen and that members now have special cards they can load to purchase lunches, cafe items and treats from the cafe. The cards have the name and photo of the member or staff person and tell you how long you have been at the Clubhouse.

She said that she also created restaurant-style menus, and that all items are just a dollar or less.

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