August Pfluger Talks Importance of Texas Oil and Gas as Trump Visits Texas

Today, President Donald Trump visited the Permian Basin to get a firsthand look at our community’s incredible oil and natural gas production and witness its impact on global energy markets. Our President’s visit is not only historic, it signals the President’s deep appreciation and respect for what the National Security implications of the Permian Basin mean to America. As the Republican nominee for Texas’ 11th Congressional District, I was honored to welcome President Trump to Texas and spend time discussing our oil and natural gas industry with him.

Since his first day in office, President Trump has demonstrated a strong commitment to cutting the job-killing regulations that have held production back and discouraged investment in our national energy future. A decade ago, the Permian Basin produced less than 1 million barrels per day. Today we produce nearly 5 million barrels per day, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all domestic oil production in the United States.

Through every new action or policy, the Trump administration has fought to preserve the free-market principles that have allowed the United States to become the number one oil and natural gas producer in the world. In fact, if Texas were its own nation, we would represent the world’s fourth-largest producer of oil and natural gas.

During our visit, I personally thanked the President for his efforts and pledged to stand with him in the fight for energy security and independence.

By contrast, former Vice-President Joe Biden has struck an increasingly hostile tone towards America’s energy producers since securing his party’s nomination. Bending to the far-left voices of his own party, Biden has begun to incorporate increasingly extremist policy positions promoted by liberal allies like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Just two years ago, Texas saw record-setting voter turnout with more than 8 million ballots cast in a non-presidential election. In the end, a scant 214,921 votes (2.57%) was all that separated Texas from electing its first Democratic U.S. Senator in nearly 30 years. What ultimately saved Republicans in 2018 was high turnout in the conservative strongholds of rural Texas…strongholds like West Texas and the Permian Basin.

The conservative voters of Texas’ 11th Congressional District, which includes much of the Permian Basin, turned out in droves to deliver a 128,813-vote advantage for Senator Ted Cruz, ultimately accounting for 60% of his final statewide margin. Combined with other rural areas of the state, it proved to be just enough to carry Republicans to victory.

If we care about protecting our community, our values, and our way of life, then we have to be willing to fight for them…nobody is going to do it for us.

  • Start by talking with your friends and neighbors about what’s really at stake in the upcoming election.
  • Help them understand the consequences of their vote and what it will mean for our way of life, the energy jobs our community depends on, and most importantly, what it will mean for our children’s future.
  • If you can, renew your support of my campaign and volunteer to help spread Trump’s message of faith, freedom, and economic prosperity.

For our community to succeed, we need President Trump to win re-election…and for him to win re-election, we must do everything in our power to deliver Texas for President Donald Trump.

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