Teen Designs Wristbands to Help People Not Touch Their Faces, Stop Spread of COVID-19

Fifteen-year-old Max Melia has designed a wristband which alerts users whenever they are about to touch their face

He first came up with the brilliant idea two years ago as a means of reducing the spread of the cold and flu. Then, both of Max’s parents contracted COVID-19 four months ago, and he threw all his efforts into developing a working prototype.

The tech-savvy English teenager has since produced the VybPro, which warns users whenever they are about to subconsciously touch their face. The gesture has been recognized as one of the key ways that coronavirus can be transmitted, making it a potentially live-saving invention.

Worn on both wrists, the intelligent device is expected to retail for £89 ($112 USD) with the patent currently pending. The pair of wristbands uses position-sending technology algorithms to distinguish between predicted face touching and other hand motions. A vibration on the device then alerts the user to hand gestures that are dangerously near the face.

Max launched a £60,000 ($75,000) crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter earlier this week to further his project and turn the prototype into a public reality.

Available in a choice of two colors, VybPro is rechargeable, splash-resistant, and made from waterproof silicon. It can also easily be turned off when eating and drinking.

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