Global-PPE Helping Native Americans Secure PPE

A healthcare startup is looking to serve the Coronavirus hard-hit Native American communities by securing personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies.

“Donations are critical right now and the generous donation of masks from Global-PPE will further us in doing all we can to ensure Native Americans are not left behind in this pandemic.”

Global-PPE is aiding Partnership with Native Americans, a Native-led, Native-serving nonprofit that works in remote and impoverished reservations, to distribute 10,000 surgical masks to numerous tribes in the Southwest and Northern Plains regions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to severe shortages of PPE equipment across the US, and Global-PPE was started to address this widespread problem and make sure critically needed medical supplies are available to those who need it, including underserved communities.

Native American communities remain at a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus due to multiple factors, including overcrowded housing on the reservations as well as high rates of preexisting health conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and respiratory illness.

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