San Angelo’s Best Mexican Food Restaurants

If you live in San Angelo, there’s a better than average chance you’re going to be in the mood for Mexican food sooner or later – and I’m guessing its MUCH SOONER rather than later.

So, where to go? Here are a few restaurants that speak “South of the Border” in San Angelo:

  1. Fuentes Cafe Downtown: This is one of San Angelo’s premiere Mexican food restaurants. They have some of the best enchiladas, totas, tacos, and more. Wash it down with a cold drink, and you have a meal that is the best in town.
  2. Franco’s Cafe: The other premiere Mexican food restaurant in San Angelo. They also have awesome enchiladas, tacos, chalupas and a host of other Mexican food treats. Their chips and salsa is also amazing.
  3. The Corner Stop: Burrito aficianados flock here for great breakfast and lunch burritos that are super good and super filling. Bean and cheese, chorizo and egg, potato and egg, and others are simply the best in San Angelo.
  4. Diego’s Burritos: Not to be outdone by anyone, bar none, is Diego’s Burritos They can make you any combination of breakfast or lunch burrito quickly with an ice-cold drink to get you on your way to work or school or a quick lunch break.
  5. Julio’s Burritos: This restaurant speaks burrito and chips. The true taste of Mexico is here.

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