Nothing in Texas speaks louder that a good, old-fashioned plate of barbecue.

San Angelo has a few well-known barbecue restaurants ready to serve the brand of barbecue you have come to expect from the Lone Star State.

Here are a few restaurants that you can find the best in West Texas Barbecue:

  1. RJ’s Barbecue & Catering: If you have been in San Angelo for a while and haven’t tried RJ’s, then you’re missing out. This place has some of the most amazing barbecue in the state, and the sides are amazing, too.
  2. Bodacious Bar-B-Q. If you haven’t tried their smooth-tasting, lick your fingers brand of barbecue, then you don’t quite know what you’re missing. They smoke their meats with natural wood – not artificial smoke here. Their potato salad is also out of this world delicious. Wash it down with the house-blend sweet tea.
  3. Bubba’s Smokehouse: This restaurant tee’s up a delcious meat and chicken, and is sure to please. Bread on the table is more than a condiment, it’s a necessity for finger-licking, tongue-smacking barbecue.
  4. Packsaddle Bar-B-Q: This place is known for two things – delicious barbecue and out of this world catfish. But the barbecue is the draw, and Packsaddle’s barbecue and potato salad are both amazing.