Christian Corner: When Worst Comes to Worst, Why Prayer is The Most Important Thing You Can Do

I never knew a perfect Christian.

I’m sure that neither have you.

The truth is that everyone, even the most devout Christians, have slipped and fallen from time to time.

But, even as Christians, even in the midst of absolute disaster, have always found a kind word, a shoulder to cry on, and a God that comforts them in the midst of heartbreak and uncertainty.

The truth is that Jesus said that God would never leave or forsake us. He even promised that God would go before us and prepare a way forward when there was no way to be seen. He also promised that, if we had a question, he would be ready and willing to provide the answer, if we would only just ask.

The vehicle he provided to obtain the answers was prayer. You see, prayer allows us to connect with God in an intimate way that gives us a chance to communicate and contemplate what has happened in our lives. It is often through prayer that we receive understanding and guidance.

Sounds like God is not an uncaring God. Rather, he wants to impart wisdom, caring, and compassion onto his children.

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