“Batter Up!” Late New Jersey Man Had Collection of Baseball Cards Worth Millions, Including Babe Ruth Card!

A New Jersey man named James Micioni, who died in March at age 97, was a baseball card aficionado.

When he died, he had more than a thousand baseball cards in his collection, including a hand-signed card from former New York Yankees legend Babe Ruth.

Micioni was from Boonton, New Jersey, and was known as “Uncle Jimmy.” His collection, which includes six, hand-signed cards from Ruth, among other greats, is expected to go for more than $100,000 apiece.

He also has a signed Lou Gehrig card from the same year.

The collection was authenticated and graded by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), according to NJ.com. The parcels have been separated out and will be auctioned off in 2,000 separate lots.

The first round of auctions will take place on Sunday in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It will also include a 1969 Topps Super Rookie Reggie Jackson card and a Pete Rose card from 1965.

Micioni used to write to photographers, as well as baseball players, and received original photos in return.

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